Friday, 15 August 2014

Miraculous repair tool-water cell phone and electronics quick saver

I can't wait to tell you this miraculous repair tool you must own.

It is an artifact for cell phone or electronics water, it can quickly

deal with your mobile phones, smart phones, MP3/4, controller,

swatch and camera, and other electronics in emergency water-

drop cases, it can be easy and convenient to dry these electronics

quickly to prevent from water damage.

It is the Disposable Emergency Quick Dryer Bag for Mobile Phones Electronics, quickly remove Moisture.

Net Weight: 28g
Type: Quick Dryer
Dryer Bag Size: 23*15cm

1 x Seal Bag
1 x Ultra-absorbent Desiccant
1 x Humidity Indicator

Keep several pieces in your travel bag or at home for any

unforeseen spill
Disposable dryer, can be used for only once
Includes an ultra-absorbent desiccant for absorbing out

water/humidity from soaked devices
The humidity indicator is used for indicating remaining humidity

How to use this quick dryer bag?
a. When the phone gets wet accidentally, please remove the back

cover, battery and SIM card immediately.(You'd better keep the

dryer open under 5 minutes to avoid it can't work effectively,

because it can absorb the water in the air.)
b. Get rid of the water outside on your phone surface with paper

or other methods.
c. Rip the upper sealer of the dryer bag and open it, please make

sure all the humidity indicators are in blue.
d. Put your phone into the bag and seal it.
e. Wait for about 24 hours(Time depends on the seal condition of

your device; For iPhone, it ususally takes about 48 hours or

f. Open the dryer bag, and take out the humidity indicator. If all

the indicators are in blue, it means your device is dry now; if 30%

indicators are in pink, please re-seal the bag and wait another 24


If your device drop in the liquid thickens, we advice you use the

water to wash the device first after remove the battery, then use

this dryer bag.

However importantly, your atterntion please.
It is not food, please store it at the safe places, to avoid kids and pets reaching. And it is made of the enviromentally friendly material, if swalled, you can gargle with water and drink plenty of water. After use it, you should deal with it properly in time.

It is absolutely a necessarity, preparing for one or two at home or in travelling bags, you can deal with unexpected emergency cases timely.It is not a real repair tool, but it is absolutely a great help for cell phone repair tools.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Differences on iPhone 6 cables you should never miss

Firstly, let’s check the power on/off flex cable, it seems it’s different from the previous iPhones.

Apple don’t put volume and mute function integrate to the iPhone 6 power on/off flex cable, but add a flash light, as shown in picture. Overall, the function of iPhone 6 power on/off flex cable is simpler than previous iPhones’, only the power on/off, microphone and flash function.
Another one is the iPhone 6 charging dock port flex cable, it’s without much function changed after compared to previous generations iPhones’, still containing the function of headphone jack, charge dock, microphone and the antenna cable.

But we find that there are 3 colour of the dock jack, black, white and gray. It is said that Apple company has already canceled the popular gold colour which is glitzed, and gray will instead of. Please see detail as shown. We don’t know the real color of the iPhone 6 back cover, may it be also black, white and gray? Let’s wait for it.
In addition, we also got the sample of the battery, it’s high capacity with 2915mAh. It may be prepare for iPhone 6 high performance, big size of screen and so on…

Please continue paying attentions on phone replacementparts wholesale and retail both available online store, and let’s wait for the other flex cables which are containing volume and mute function. And hoping these cell phone parts can bring some help to you, Apple fans.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

How to tear down Samsung galaxy s5 screen easily

Some people think it is hard to tear down Samsung galaxy s5, and the installation is much harder than the tear down. As all we know, Samsung galaxy s5 parts are built between the battery and lcd display, which make much difficulty on teardown and installation. Because there may be some unexpected damages on cell phone parts during fixing. So most people get depressed. Finally after the iFixit published their Samsung galaxy s5 teardown, it gets easier. You may ask why it get easier? There are some skills.

Do you know before you do the teardown of Samsung galaxy s5, you should remove the display first, avoiding damages.

Do you want to tear dwon the LCD screen display assembly for Samsung galaxy s5?I don't know if you know this skill, before I know the skill, I think it is a hard job to tear down a Samsung galaxy lcd display screen assembly. But now, I can make it easily.

Do you know there is a small door marked "R1" on the Samsung Galaxy s5 phone body bottom. As long as you open the small door, you can break off a single flex cable. This cable is the primary key. Then it is found that it is get easier to tear down after break down the primary key.

Compared to the lcd display, the front glass outer lens is a little trouble to tear down. Because we need to prepare the  Openner heating. And the new replacement front screen outer glass lens for Samsung galaxy s5 you want to replace is a little hard to install, you need adhesive, at the same time, you should avoid crashing the glass by the adhesive. Surely, lcd display can be tear down alone, and the front glass teardown should be after the lcd teardown. In this case, other parts can avoid damages.

In fact, the harder teardown is finished, next parts you need to tear down is easy to make it. So don't worry about this.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Just using them can replace a new lcd screen for your Samsung galaxy s5

IN your expectant iPhone 6,what it will have?

About Apple next generation iPhone(iPhone 6), there have been

many stories. 5.3 inch and 4.7 inch is said they both are already

around the corner.

When we want to replace cell phone parts, the cell phone repair tools are the first necessaries we should prepare for. How to use

the right repair tools to make a right replacement is a kind of


One short opening tool pry

One triangle opening picks

One tweezer

One spudger

They can absolutely help you tear donw and install Samsung

galaxy s5 display assembly. Now let’s have a see at how to

replace a lcd display assembly for Samsung galaxy s5.

Insert a fingernail or plastic opening tool into the divot to the left

of the rear-facing camera.

Gently pry and twist the flexible rear cover off the back of the


Insert a fingernail or plastic opening tool into the recess in the

bottom right corner of the battery and lift upward.

Remove the battery away from the phone.

Using a fingertip, pull the microSD card straight down out of its


Remove the microSD card from the phone.

Repeat the above procedure to remove the SIM card.

Above processes are finished without any repair tools. So if you

want to replace a back cover or battery for Samsung galaxy s5, it

is easy to make it.

Use a plastic opening tool to pry up the plastic midframe

connector panel.

Remove the connector panel with a pair of tweezers.

Pre: There should be enough adhesive to readhere the panel upon

reassembly, otherwise use a small amount of double-stick tape.

Use the sharp tip of a spudger to pry the home button cable

connector straight up off its socket.

In the following steps you will be using an iOpener to warm the

adhesive affixing the display assembly to the rest of the phone.

This will allow for a safer, easier screen removal. For proper

iOpener use, follow our iOpener heating guide, make sure to pay

attention to all warnings.

Place a heated iOpener on the left side of the phone for at least

90 seconds.

Reheat the iOpener and place it on the right half of the phone.

Following is the important and main process we are talking

about-lcd display assembly teardown.

In the following steps you will be using an opening pick to

separate the adhesive securing the front panel glass. Only pry

where directed. If you experience resistance, stop sliding the

opening pick and reapply heat.

Insert the edge of an opening pick underneath the bottom right

side of the front glass.

Slide the opening pick up along the right side of the display.

Carefully slide the pick around the corner, stopping before the

speaker grille at the top of the phone.

The adhesive securing the top of the phone is only a narrow strip

above the earpiece speaker. Slide the pick along the top of the

speaker to avoid damaging internal components.

Slide the opening pick across the top of the phone, being very

careful not to insert the pick too deeply.

Carefully slide the pick around the upper left corner.

If you encounter any resistance from cooling adhesive, reapply a

heated iOpener to the left side of the phone.

Slide the opening pick down along the left half of the phone

stopping at the lower left corner.

Twist the opening pick to detach the glass from the phone.

If the front panel does not detach easily, it may require

additional adhesive cutting.

Slide the opening pick all the way to the bottom right corner of

the phone, making sure it is securely placed.

In the following step you will be placing an iOpener over the

home button end of the phone, you won’t want your opening pick

to slip out.

Place a reheated iOpener over the bottom portion of the display


There are delicate components in this portion of the phone, you

want to ensure the adhesive is warm and easy to loosen to

protect the phone.

The bottom end of the phone contains the soft button and home

button ribbon cables. If you insert the opening pick too far into

the phone you risk cutting these cables.

Slide the very end of the opening pick across the bottom edge of

the display to separate the last of the remaining adhesive.

If the front panel is not easily freed, the adhesive on the soft

button cable may need to be separated.

These cables are thin and easily damaged, therefore be certain

you are only peeling them off the display assembly and not

lacerating them.

Insert an opening pick under the soft button icons on the display

and pry the button cables down off the inside of the front panel.

Slightly lift, but do not remove, the home button end of display


Do not remove the front panel entirely. It is still attached by a


Use the sharp tip of a spudger to lift the front panel assembly

cable connector straight up off its socket on the motherboard.

Safely remove the front panel assembly from phone.

So if you want to fix your LCD digitizer touch screen assembly for Samsung galaxy s5, just use these tools, you can make it.

Attention: all pictures come from iFixit, and the cell phone repair

tools you can also find at hytparts store.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Have you ever met these troubles on your iPad Air

As all we know, the Apple iPad Air has thinner body and stronger performance, then it is called the best 10 inch tablet PC. But it is not the most perfect. We also usually meet some troubles and problems on the iPad Air. Here we'll sum up these troubles or problems in 12 and offer the advices of how to solve, hoping they can help you enjoy yourself with your iPad Air.

Have you ever met these troubles on your iPad Air?

Come on, and have a look at:

First, No voice

If you find there is no voice coming from your iPad Air, first of all, don't worry, and check if the volume is set on sound-off. Then make sure headphone port don't have any devices. All of these check finish, the iPad Air still keep in the no sound world. At this moment, you should do these:

Click trouble home button and close all the APPs, at the same time, press the on/off switch and home button in about 10 seconds, your iPad Air will enter the safe-mode restart status. Then you should make sure the locked key is not in the no-sound status. Next, make sure no connector or no-sound on the bluetooth device, you should open the control centre, from the bottom slipping up to. Try to connect a headphone and take it off, or use some other tool to blow Air into headphone jack. Finally, through the setting-general-restore-restore all, reset your system.

If this way can't make your iPad Air sound, you may check if there  is damage or tourble on the headphone jack. You can take your iPad Air to the Apple store to have a check.

Second, the camera can't start or keep in a dead status after start.

Sometimes, you may met the situation that iPad Air can't start or always enter dead status. These problems are caused by system. First, you can restart your system to have a try. If it is still keep the bad status, you can reset your system. Surely, you should check if your camera are limited by system, entering the settings-general-visit limits to make sure. And there are some Apps you are using may prevent you visiting the camera. If so, please close these kinds of Apps.

Third, the screen touch is not flexible or delays to respone.

Meeting this kind of trouble, it's usually diagnosed system problem, and uses the iTunes to restore the system, this trouble will go away. However,not the system problem, it may be the screen protector caused or you start the voice over.

Forth, the screen can't retate

You should make sure the locked key is not in the locked status on screen retated, which is in settings-general orders to modify or you can directly chech at the control centre to make sure. Except this, you can only restart or restore your system.

Fifth, crashed, no respones or restart frequently

Before iOS 8, the iOS 7 has some bugs, which may be the chief culprit on the system running problems. So we should upgrade to the latest iOS system, and close all the background Apps, restart or restore sets or system. It may be caused by some Apps yet. So if your iPad Air meet these troubles after you install one App, you should immediately delete this App.

Sixth, the iCloud speed of download is so slow after you restore your system.

If you use the iCloud restore backup, there are a ton of Apps, pictures and videos needing to be downloaded from the Internet to your iPad Air, so its speed is slow surely. You can restart your router or device to make it faster. Another way to make it faster is using the iTunes local backup.

Seventh, body is overheating

In general, playing the larger-scale games will cause the overtheating problems frequently. After all, iPad Air is not the PC,  and built without fan. And the metal back cover is also much easier conductivity for heat. In this case, you can take off the protective case to make the iPad Air cool or open the Air-condition to reduce the room temperature.

Eighth, screen displaying problem

There is a screen displaying problem occuring on iPad Air. In the same displaying  interface, you can see some area will be lighter than other area. This problem is a defect on production. You can only change a new one, or send it to Apple store to fix.

Ninth, Navigation and keyboard lag

If the keyboard is too slow, in addition to using the system for a long time lag cache problem, you can turn off the iPad Air visual effects, or restore the keyboard dictionary in the reduction or the main screen layout, which may solve this problem.

Tenth, Safari browser crashes

First, we can enter the settings in the Safari project, clear history and Cookie, if the problem persists you can only choose to restore the system, or choose a different browser, such as Chrome.

Eleventh,Unable to connect to WIFI

If there is no fault in ensuring the router and upgrade to the latest firmware, we can also change the channel the router, set it to automatic, essentially all of the devices are able to connect. Next is to restore iPad Air network settings, restore the system, if you still can not connect, it is basically a hardware problem.

Twelveth, Battery life is short

Basically, all electronic devices using lithium batteries are about one year after use, the battery life will decrease. What we can do is to try to close applications running in the background, try to use the WIFI connection (if your iPad Air support 3G or 4G words), and reset the system. If battery life is still less than nine hours, then the aging problem is the battery, you can go to the Apple customer service for replacement.

Surely, there are some troubles caused by iPad Air parts, if you don't want to send it to Apple store for fixing, you can do the repairing by yourself with iPad Air replacement repair parts, such as Replacement Audio Jack Flex Cable Ribbon for iPad Air iPad 5,

Hytparts-Replacement Audio Jack Flex Cable Ribbon for iPad Air iPad 5
Hytparts-Replacement Audio Jack Flex Cable Ribbon for iPad Air iPad 5
 it can be directly attached onto the mainboard of your device.It is made of premium material, long lasting to use. Return your healthy iPad Air back to sound.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Never miss this incredible low-price full housing replacement for Samsung galaxy s5

Absolutely incredible low price, but OEM high quality, you should

never miss. Only $32, you can get a replacement full housing set for Samsung Galaxy s5.

This full housing set includes three parts: the LCD shield,

midframe and battery cover
100% OEM and new, can be used to replace the old, cracked or

worn full housing or any one or more of these three parts
The midframe comes with small parts such as rear camera lens,

earpiece flex cable, headphone jack flex cable, earpiece silver

mesh, side buttons etc.
With a battery cover which has precise slots for loudspeaker, rear

camera and flashlight

With Cu tape adhesive on the front of LCD shield for securing LCD

screen on it and water resistance performance

The front LCD shield comes with accurate openings and slots for

small spare parts

If you are the sellers of cell phone replacement repair parts, or

shopping cell phone parts, I think you should not miss this

chance to get some these OEM full housing sets in your stock.

Several months later, they may bring you more revenue. You

know the price is alway moody in the market, so this oppotunity

is absolutely nice for you.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Big discounts on iPhone 5s replacement parts you should not miss

Nearly one year, your iPhone 5s come with its own one-year old birthday. How is your iPhone 5s? If it is all right, congraturations, you have done a great job. But if there are something damaged on your iPhone 5s, please don't worry. The chance to make your iPhone 5s fine again is coming to you.

YES! Big discounts on iPhone 5s replacement parts at hytparts store comes to you. And they are the most people  pay close attention to. Now let us together have a see at what they are.

As we all know, one of the easiest damaged parts must be the battery. So I have to tell you this chance is valuable.

33% OFF is on the OEM 1510 mAh Battery Replacement Part for iPhone 5S. You can only cost $8.99 to get the original battery to replace the old one, and help you continue keeping your iPhone 5s "alive". It absolutely deserve, and only hytparts store have this discount.
OEM 1510 mAh Battery Replacement Part for   iPhone 5S
OEM 1510 mAh Battery Replacement Part for

iPhone 5S

The next part is also easy to be damaged, such as dropped damage or scratched damage.In a word, it is the part you need treat it gentlely.
OEM Complete LCD with Digitizer Assembly for iPhone 5S, 23% off is waiting for you.The repair part include: LCD screen+Touch Screen + Digitizer Frame + Front Camera Holder + Earpiece Mesh + Sensor IC Holder
OEM Complete LCD with Digitizer Assembly for iPhone 5S
OEM Complete LCD with Digitizer Assembly for iPhone 5S

If you are looking for these kinds of parts, welcome to More discounts on other cell phone replacement repair parts, for example Samsung, iPhone 5, 4s, Sony, Nokia. By the way, the newest OEM high quality Samsung Galaxy s5 replacement parts  just arrive at our store yet.

A golden opportunity not to be missed.

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